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Foreclosures Attorney in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

What is Foreclosure?

Prevent the Sale of Your Home with A Foreclosure Attorney in Lawton and Oklahoma City, OK

When you default on a mortgage, the mortgage company can force your property into foreclosure to satisfy the debt. If your property is in foreclosure or at risk of foreclosure, you need to contact an experienced foreclosure attorney as soon as possible. Deborah Brooks & Associates P.C. has more than two decades of experience handling foreclosure cases.

You do have options, so call our Oklahoma City or Lawton, OK office today to schedule your free consultation with a foreclosure attorney.

Fight to Retain Ownership of Your Home

What You Need to Know About Foreclosure

While there is no guarantee that your home can be saved, it's important to know your options. Here are a few things to keep in mind about foreclosures:

  • One of the most effective and affordable ways to stop foreclosure and save your property investment is to declare Chapter 13 bankruptcy. This allows you to repay your debts over the course of three to five years.

  • There is a point during the foreclosure process when it's too late to save your property. While that point varies by state, it's crucial to contact a foreclosure attorney before the sale is scheduled.

  • Don't delay reaching out to a foreclosure attorney. Typically, you'll have to pay the mortgage company's costs to save your property. The longer you wait, the higher the cost.

If you're worried about your home going into foreclosure, contact Deborah Brooks & Associates P.C. today to schedule a free consultation. We have offices in Oklahoma City and Lawton, OK.